A History of Preston in Hertfordshire
A History of Preston in Hertfordshire
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Temple Dinsley Temple Dinsley - an overview 86 views of Temple Dinsley1913 The gardens of Temple Dinsley The owners The Pryor family 1874 - 1901 J Barrington-White 1901 - 1908 The Fenwicks 1908 - 1918 Douglas Vickers 1918 - 1923 Amina Countess of Carnarvon Princess Helena College The tenants Thomas Halsey 1840 -1844 John Weeks 1869 - 1879 Frederick MacMillan The Cottage/Dower House
Preston Places Introduction The Cottages An overview of the cottages Tracing the history of cottages Back Lane Chequers Lane - NE side Chequers Cottages Church Lane - North side Crunnells Green/ School Lane Hill Farm Lane Holly Cottages Jacks Hill/Poynders End Kiln Wood Cottage (The) Old Forge Preston Green Sootfield Green Spindle Cottage Swedish Houses (The) Wilderness Farms Castle Farm Home Farm, Hitchin Road Minsden Farm Offley Holes Farm Pond Farm Poynders End Farm Preston Hill Farm Temple Farm Inns The Chequers The Red Lion Community buy out of Red Lion Houses Hill End Offley Holes House Stagenhoe Wain Wood and Bunyan’s Dell The ‘lost’ Manor of Welei The ‘Waste’ of Crunnells Green The Trees of Preston Green Straightening Preston Hill Road The Preston/Gosmore tumulus
Preston Life Agriculture and Ag Labourers Allotments Beating the Parish boundaries Benefit Clubs Best-kept Herts village (1950s) Cricket Crime (The) Fair Football Mobility Morality Ponds (The) Pound Straw plaiting Wells and Wind pumps
Religion Introduction Anglican churches A photographic visit to St Martins Minsden Chapel Plans to sell Minsden Chapel Nonconformity at Preston Bunyan’s Chapel Back St Meeting House, Hitchin
Education History of Preston’s 3 schools Pupils in the school logbook School mistresses List of teachers Attendance Literacy Preston School 1900 - 1939 Eugenics and Preston School ‘Preston School 100 Years Ago’ - Daily Mirror story
Data Preston births and baptisms Preston Marriages 1800 - 1900 Marriages St Martins 1909-1985 Burials 1800 - 1900 Burials, St Martins 1906 - 2009 Censuses General notes 1801,1807 and 1821 Censuses 1841 Census Analysis 1851 Census Analysis 1861 Census Analysis 1871 Census Analysis 1881 Census Analysis 1886 Religious census 1891 Census Analysis 1901 Census Analysis 1911 Census Analysis 1921 Census Analysis 1939 Register Militia lists 1750 - 1785 1811 Preston map and award 1837 Rates book Manorial records of T Dinsley Wills of Preston people
Preston people Introduction Preston soldiers of WW1 One People of Prestion 1929 - 1950 People of Preston 1952 - 1985 Photos of local folk 1950/60s A gallery of Preston folk A sad suicide in 1933 An odd incident c1865 Althams Crunnells Grn House Armstrong family Ashton family Barker, Rose - schoolmistress Blanchards of Rose Cottage Cook, Arthur of Stagenhoe Cook, Rebecca Preston poems Dawson, Mr and Mrs DJW Freebody, Nina - historian Gribble, Norah Mrs Seebohm Gunning, S of Langley End Cot Fox twins - poachers Hall, Samuel Hinde, Robert: Preston Castle Hine, Reginald - Hitchin Jenkins, Cecil and Maggie Jenkins. Herbie Castle Farm Middleditch, Dick Newell, Leonard and Eileen Pedder, William 1837 - 1919 Peters family Peters, David - recollections Phillips, Nurse: first midwife Pryor, Armigel Ralston de Vins Sansom, Chris - historian Scott family of Church Road Seebohms of Poynders End Soldene. Emily - musical star Soldene, Emily and Preston Soto, Sam: Preston 1969/72 Stanley, William (Bill) and Rose Stevens, Simon - teacher Sunderland, Robert memories Swain, early saga Swain tree, early Swain tree, early - notes Swain (later family) Swain, Charles Swain, Stephen Thrussell, ‘Blind Bob’. Turl, Mary - postwoman Waller family, builders Whitbread, Chalkley: farmer
The Book “The History of Preston in Hertfordshire” Details of the book The book launch and signing The Booklet “St Martin’s, Preston in Hertfordshire” Details of the booklet
In press and on screen Family Tree magazine Preston School The lost manor of Welei Webite Book Using a researcher FamilyTree Monthly Fairey Tales The Villager Re: Preston Hitchin Comet Hitchin History Day Preston in film, TV and radio
A History of Preston in Hertfordshire
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