A History of Preston in Hertfordshire
Rose Barker - Preston schoolmistress
Extracted from Kings Walden 1925-1935 by Ronald Hartless: ‘One person I remember well, although I never met her, was Miss Barker, a school teacher, who used to ride through King’s Walden on a motor bike twice a day. Always clad in a brown leather coat, leather hat and goggles. She had a Francis Barnett two stroke machine with the characteristic ‘pop pop’ noise and a trail of blue smoke. She either travelled from Preston to Kimpton every day, or maybe the other way round. Anyway, I can’t remember her features because I never saw them out of motor cycling garb.’ Rose G Barker began work as a supplementary teacher at Preston School on 22 March 1920 and was still teaching there in 1946. She was the Infants Teacher during her early career and passed Part II of the Preliminary Certificate Examination and was recognised as a certified teacher from 1 April 1924. Her journey to Preston was often impeded by ‘impassable roads’, ‘snow drifts’ and ‘floods at Breachwood Green’. On several occasions the school log book reports her absence due to colds!