A History of Preston in Hertfordshire
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Update: Most of my 2020 has been spent researching the family history of clients. I’ve also been working on a face-lift for this website which will make it more accessible on phones and tablets as its size will adjust according to the device on which it’s being viewed. As this website is large, the revamp has taken several months to complete. The final obstacle has been overcome recently and today three articles have been added which are a taste of things to come. 10 December 2020 A chance discovery in a Hitchin newspaper revealed the true identity of my paternal great grandfather from Hitchin. My earlier belief as to his identity is discussed and the life of man himself is researched in detail. Link: My new ggf Following this are two articles about my new grtx2 and 3 grandparents. Links: My gx2gf and My gx3gf This may be of particular interest to anyone with connections to the Currells of Preston. 1 December 2019 “The Preston Tumulus” (at Gosmore) is discussed. Link: Tumulus 16 November 2019 The story of “Blind Bob” Thrussell (game-keeper, messenger and occasional boxer) is recounted. Link: Blind Bob 1 November 2019 Did a Roman road pass through Preston? Link: Roman Road 1 October 2019 More information about religion at Temple Dinsley and Preston over more than three centuries (1086 - 1539) is uploaded. Link: Nuns of Elstow 1 September 2019 New discoveries re: the place-name Preston and their implications about the age of the village are published. Link: Place-name Preston 29 July 2019 This is an account of an odd and somewhat revealing incident from around 1865 which was recounted by Reginald Hine. Link: The 1865c incident 10 April 2019 A listing of homes at Preston which were licensed for Nonconformist gatherings in the 17thC and 18thC is provided, together with notes about Anabaptist and Quaker activity in the village. Link: Preston Nonconformists
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