A History of Preston in Hertfordshire
Preston in the news - 1936
During 1936, King George V died in January and was succeeded briefly by Edward VIII, who abdicated at the end of the year. Protesting miners from Jarrow marched to London. The world looked on nervously as Hitler ramped up political and racial persecution in Germany - and also opened the Summer Olympic Games, when Jessie Owens won gold. While all this was occurring, Billy Butlins opened his first holiday camp. Meanwhile, in Preston….
4 January
11 January
8 February
8 February
15 February
Hitchin Rural C re-election:
28 March
11 April
April: Birthdays
25 April
8 May
9 May
27 May Birthday
30 May Oxford Show success
13 June
Death: 17 June
Birthdays: 16 June
20 June
11 July
8 August
12 September
12 September
Thomas was “a native of Kings Walden and for many years a smallholder at Preston (which he) left about four years ago”
2 October
3 October
11 January
Nomads (Hitchin) Cycling Club
14 November
24 November: Death
28 November
19 December
28 April
Preston Football Club was resurrected for the 1936/37 season:
5 September
26 Sept
Then came a series of Cup matches in October:
Oct 17
Oct 24
Oct 29
Oct 31
7 Nov
12 Dec
5 Dec
23 May
30 May
6 June
13 June
30 July
8 August
11 July
It might be noticed that the Wray brothers, Frank and Sam, didn’t play for Preston in the July and August fixtures. Sam turned out for Kings Walden on 11 July, top-scoring with twenty-one runs. Frank, named by Frost in his list of ten best players for Preston, died of pneumonia on 11 October: