A History of Preston in Hertfordshire
Photographs of Preston folk
(Above) Ezra Boston (1892 - 1939) the son of Minnie Boston. In 1901 he was living with his grand parents William and Elizabeth (nee Reeves) Boston at Crunnells Green, Preston. Ezra married Daisy Sharp, the daughter of Robert and Louisa (nee Winch) and moved to Whitwell. (I am grateful to Natalie Davies for kindly giving permission to include this photograph)
Above are George S. Sharpe and Annie White who were married at St Marys, Hitchin on 10 October 1900. George was born in 1878, the son of Samuel who was born at Preston in 1848. Samuel’s parents were John and Mary Sharpe. (I am grateful to Pat for providing this photograph.)
Above are James Hedley (licencee of Red Lion 1920 - 1945) and his wife
Preston Cricket Club Dinner, 1950 1 Mick Harper; 2 Alec Currell; 3 Arthur Marlow; 4 D Kimber; 5 ? Jenkins; 6 Horace Jenkins; 7 Frank Pugh; 8 Margaret Meadows; 9 Cliff Tomlin; 10 Bill Stanley
Preston School group circa 1952 1 Ray Whitby; 2 Chris Newell; 3 Jean Perry; 4 Rosemary Crawley; 5 Mr ‘Freddie’ Orchard headmaster; 6 Arthur Baker; 7 Ted Harper; 8 Jim Jenkins?; 9 David Crawley;10 Mike Woodhams; 11 ? Mardell; 12 ? Mardell; 13 Malcolm Newell
St Martin’s, Preston Young Wives on their fifth birthday, 1962 1 Mrs (Spindle) Smith; 2 Joyce Garner ?; 3 Clarice Bryan; 4 Betty Palmer; 5 Eileen Newell (Note: some of these ladies lived in Langley)
The Chequers Outing, 1950 1 Mr Dobbs; 2 Bill Woodhams; 3 Mary Woodhams; 4 Mike Woodhams; 5 Johnny Woodhams; 6 Brian Woodhams; 7 Rosemary Crawley; 8 David Crawley; 9 Nan Wray;10 Cecil Jenkins; 11 Maggie Jenkins; 12 Bill Bailey; 13 Jean Perry. Also among the standing adults are Mrs Crawley; Mick Waller; Bill Walker; Mrs Dobbs and Dorothy Bailey. Among those in the front row areJohn Perry; Les Walker; Doug Crawley; Ted Harper and Mrs Perry.
St Martin’s Sunday School outing early 1950s 1 Robin Freeman; 2 Clarice Bryan; 3 Elaine Yallop; 4 Doris Freeman; 5 Pat Salisbury; 6 David Crawley; 7 Peter Reid; 8 Helen Baker; 9 Martin Yallop?;10 Michael Woodhams; 11 Peter Woodhams; 12 Brian Woodhams; 13 Douglas ? Crawley; 14 Margaret Meadows. Also in the group are believed to be Peter Freeman; Rosemary Crawley; Pauline Salisbury; Diane Jenkins; Peter Waller; Pat Salisbury and Ruth Meadows.
A Preston Junior School Class circa 1952 1 Mrs Nunn; 2 Peter Lane; 3 Freddy Baker; 4 Arthur Baker; 5 Julie Mardell; 6 Elsie Mardell; 7 Tony Mardell; 8 Chris Newell; 9 Ray Whitby; 10 Gilian Whitby; 11 ? Mardell;
St Martin’s Sunday School Outing early 1950s 1 Jean Perry; 2 Freddie Baker; 3 Pat Reid (nee Currall); 4 Win Salisbury; 7 Mrs Yallop; 6 Margaret Meadows; 7 Elaine Yallop; 8 William Stanley; 9 Donald ? Reid; 10 ? Altham?
Another St Martin’s Sunday School outing. 1 Clarice Bryan; 2 Margaret Meadows; 3 Pat Reid and others include Mrs Hollingsworth; Boby Salisbury; Sally Cross; Jackie Woodcock; Peter Meadows, Philip Reid; Malcolm Yallop and Susan Salisbury
Yet another St Martin’s Sunday School outing. 1 Eileen Newell Others include Betty Watson; Erica Turrell; Susan Turrell; John Turrell; Mike Garner; M Kimber; Susan Currell and Mrs Newell.
An event on The Green in the early 1960s 1 Robert Sunderland; 2 Eileen Newell; 3 Mrs Armstrong; 4 Barbara Newell. Others include Mrs Currell; Audrey Massey; Tom, Marilyn, David and Vi Kimber; Jockey and Emily Peters;Margaret and Ruth Meadows; Sid and Pamela Raffell; Erica Turell; Derek Miles; Mr and Mrs Fallowfield; Mrs, Leslie and Liz Mardell and Doris Freeman
The marriage of Rodney Philip Bolan and Jacqueline Margaret Woodcock (aka Jacki Currell) at St Martin’s Church, Preston on 3 October 1964 1 Alec Currell with one of the Currell twins; 2 Sylvia Currell with the other twin; 3 Mark Currell