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1 January 2020 Keith Fitzpatrick Matthews’ comments re the Gosmore Tumulus and a Roman road at Preston are added. Please use links below.

1 December 2019 an article about “The Preston Tumulus” is discussed. Link: Tumulus

1 & 16 November 2109 The story of “Blind Bob” (game-keeper, messenger and occasional boxer) is recounted. Link: Blind Bob    Did a Roman road pass through Preston? Link: Roman Road

1 October 2019 More information about religion at Temple Dinsley and Preston 1086 - 1539 is uploaded.

Link: Nuns of Elstow

Also, information about a possible Roman road that passed through Preston will be published in the near future.

1 September 2019 New discoveries re: the place-name Preston and their implications about the age of the village are published. Link: Place-name Preston

10 August 2019 The first new page of of the reskin of my paternal ancestors section is uploaded.  It features the Wrays in the 18thC and hurdkemaking.Link: Wrays 18thc and hurdlemaking

29 July 2019 Today sees the upload of the first reskin of the Preston History website. As well as an improved layout and some new features, the reskin will make it easier to deal with the evolution of the internet in the future - which was an issue because of using a program which became obsolete and unsupported. This article features an account of an odd and revealing incident from around 1865. Link: The 1865c incident

10 April 2019

A listing of homes at Preston which were licensed for Nonconformist gatherings in the 17thC and 18thC is provided, together with notes about Anabaptist and Quaker activity in the village. Link: Preston Nonconformists

The latest news about a potential award for the Red Lion is related: Link: Red Lion Feb 2019

Some more appreciative comments about articles on this website are noted: Links: John Weeks of Temple Dinsley and Strawplaiting

It is possible to access and search the Preston School log book (1870 - 1901) and other local school’s log books (ie Ley Green ) by using the Find My Past site. It can be accessed for free for fourteen days. Link: FMP

1 November 2018 A list of Preston adult residents between 1928 and 1930 is provided. Link: Residents 1928-30

1 October 2018 Rodney and Judith Wray of Hitchin Arcade are featured together with a note re: Val Rivenall of Chequers Lane, Preston. Link: Wray Shoe Repairers Hitchin

1 September 2018 Thirty-seven new news stories featuring Preston and its folk. Link: News September 2018

1 May 2018 More new news stories featuring Preston and its folk. Link: News May 2018

5 March 2018 The recently discovered story of my aunt, Flossie Sugden’s, bigamous husband is told. Link: Florence Wray/Sugden of 5 Chequers Cottages