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January 2017

Flower and Vegetable Show

The boys and girls flower and vegetable show was held on Monday. A feature which attracts attention is that all produce is grown by boy gardeners on their own small allotments whilst the needlework is all done by girls. Mrs Barrington-White judged the wild flowers and Mrs Matthey examined the needlework. Mr T J Hartless (head gardener at Kings Walden) and Mr Cryer (head gardener at Offley Holes) decided honours in the vegetable department. Afterwards Mrs Barrington-White gave away the prizes. The committee were much pleased with the earnest efforts of Mr F A Robinson and the Misses Robinson of Vine Cottage who did the routine work involved. 31 August 1901

(Note: on 8 September 1900, a similar show took place. Then, Mr R de V Pryor assisted, Miss MacMillan decided the girls prizes and Mrs MacMillan presented them)



Mrs Nelson Jones (of Pond Farm) has been given a flower stand as a token of esteem as she is leaving the village. 14 June 1902



The cricket club visited Kings Walden on Saturday. Messrs R de V Pryor, P Barrington-White, R Ashton, E Robinson, S Elgas, A Wray, W Clinch, H Thrussell, A Gresty, W Thrussell and W Sharp playing for the club. Kings Walden won by 24 runs. 5 July 1902

(Note: I was pleasantly surprised to learn that yet another member of my immediate family played cricket for Preston. ‘A’ might have been Alfred my grandfather who was aged 44, but was more likely to have been my uncle Arthur, aged 20. So during more than four decades, five Wray sons turned out for Preston CC)


Sale of Preston Schoolroom (by the trustees of WH Darton)

A substantially-built brick and slated erection hitherto used as a schoolroom. The building can readily be converted into a residence of two cottages. The property is freehold and comprises an area of about 29 poles with a frontage to the road of about 87 feet. 1 July 1876


Notice of withdrawal

Messrs Harding and Eve beg to announce that the sale of the building now used as a schoolroom and recently advised for sale on the 8 inst. is withdrawn by order of the trustees acting under the will of W H Darton. 1 August 1876


Extension of the public telegraphs to Preston

Notice is hereby given that Her Majesty’s Postmaster General having obtained consent in that behalf of the body having the control of the public road between Hitchin and Preston Post Office intends to place a telegraph over and along the said public road and for that purpose to erect and maintain posts in and upon the said public road.  27 March 1894


Sale of unsold portion of Temple Dinsley Estate in 1873 (instructed by W H Darton)

The unsold portion of the above estate consisting of Austage End Farm in the occupation of Mr Bennett containing 41a 1r 22p with comfortable farm house, compact homestead and two recently erected cottages; the West Wood adjoining containing 75 acres and renowned as a covert for game; a field of 16 acres of valuable arable land in the occupation of Mr Piggott; four cottages and gardens opposite thereto; about two acres of land suitable for building purposes near to Preston Castle; A field of arable land containing 1a 1r 26p by the side of St Albans Highway; two cottages and gardens and a wheelwrights shop; another cottage, shop and garden near to Preston Castle and a cottage near to Preston Green. 22 November 1873


Sale of land

A very valuable field of grass accommodation land with a long frontage to the road close to the village of Preston and Preston Castle and containing 1a 2r 5p more or less. 28 November 1874


New church for Preston

Towards the erection of a new church, the Marquis of Salisbury has sent a cheque for £20. The building fund now amounts to about £750 14 January 1899


Kings Walden double wedding

A pretty double wedding took place at the Parish Church recently. The contracting parties were Mr F W Robinson (son of Mr and Mrs F Robinson of Preston) and Miss Marie Lissa Mosset of Neuchatel, Switzerland and also Mr Hugh Barnes and Miss Catherine Mary Robinson (eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Robinson). The ceremony was fully choral. The newly married couples left amidst showers of rice and confetti and the ringing of bells. The brides wore dresses of cream alpaca trimmed with silk chiffon and lace with veils. 5 October 1901



Respectable girl about 15 or 16 to assist in housework. Apply Mrs Barber, Poynters End Farm, Preston.

28 January 1899.


A Hasty Call

As the sub-postmaster of Preston, Mr D Frost was about to start delivering the morning letters when he exclaimed ‘Oh dear’ and fell down near the counter, expiring within a few minutes. The medical man who was immediately summoned attributed death to a fit. 18 March 1899



February 4 at 293 Clapham Road, Ann relict of the late John Young of Preston in her 85th year (1875)

September 6 at Preston, Mary widow of Thomas Palmer aged 91 years (1875)

May 20 at Preston, Mary wife of David Scrivener aged 81 years (1877)

June 7 at Preston, David Scrivener aged 74 years (1877)

October 27 at Preston Hill, Kings Walden – James, son of Thomas Farey, aged 18 months (1877)


Alleged damage to thatch

John Jeeves and Joshua Palmer were charged with wilfully damaging thatch, the property of Major Henry Pryor at Preston on 3 February. PC Day stated that he had watched the thatched roof in question owing to the damage that had been done to it. He saw the defendant Jeeves pulling the thatch off; and took some from each of them. Palmer only had a handful. Palmer now said the wind had blown the thatch off the roof and he had picked up a bit. There was not much thatch on the roof for anyone. Jeeves also excused his possession of the few handfuls of thatch produced. The Chairman said it appeared that the defendants had not done the prosecutor much injury but as a awarning they must both pay 5s each including costs. 17 February 1877


Required by a young lady....

...aged 20, as a useful companion or governess to one or two children, country preferred – Miss G A Brown Preston, Hitchin. 6 April 1895


Local patent

Patent application – 1625. Pistons. Patentee –Mr J Dew, Castle Farm, Preston. The piston comprises two heads or covers and an intermediate plate forming two channels or spaces in which the piston rings are fitted. The plate is solid so that no fluid can pass from one side of the piston to the other, but the two covers are formed with openings for admitting fluid to the back of the rings for the purpose of pressing them into contact with the walls of the cylinder. 25 May 1901


Farewell Meeting

On Monday, a farewell tea and meeting took place in the Gospel Tent of the Evangelisation Society. Mr G Attwood, the Minister in charge of the tent, who has been holding meetings in the villages of Woolmer Green, Codicote, Whitwell and Preston bidding farewell to his hearers until next season. The tent was neatly decorated. About 100 persons sat down to tea and a public meeting was subsequently held. 22 September 1899


Sunday School activity

The Bunyan Chapel friends celebrated the anniversary of the work on July 13. The Rev C S Jenner of Hitchin assisted by Mr James Kennie, a well-known local colporteur, took the services. Mr Moss would have been present but indisposition prevented him. 19 July 1902


Bunyan Chapel

This historic place of worship held thanks giving services on Sunday. The Rev S C Hull, Tilehouse Street, Hitchin preached morning and evening. Mr James Rennie the well-known colporteur addressed the Monday evening; also Mr Wheeler (school superintendant), the Rev SC Hull of Salem Chapel and Messrs Payne and Tansley. 15 October 1898



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