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More than 100 people came to Preston Village Hall between 10.30 and 12.45 to collect their copies of the new book, A History of Preston in Hertfordshire. I spent  a continuous two and a half hours signing the books - all 123 of them!


To my pleasant surprise, the throng included my cousins Jen Windebank qnd Pam Worbey who live at St Ippollitts and who saw the article announcing the book launch in the Hitchin Comet.


Another relative, my second cousin Ann Crouch (nee Currell) a great grand-daughter of my great grand mother, Mary Currell also came and presented me with a most welcome bundle of certificates and family photographs.


The day was kindly arranged by the Preston Trust who also provided tea, coffee and nibbles which were served by Liz Hunter, Ita Leaver and Jane Cole. Brian Waters and Andy collected the cheques and cash and the photographs that follow were taken by Mike Kellard and Phil Leaver.

The ‘Keepers of the cash’, Brian Waters (left) and Andy Cole prepare themselves for the fray

Time to get this show on the road...

After a week of ‘flu, Liz Hunter presents me with a bottle of Sanatogen - or something very drinkable anyway.

Getting down to business...

Signing for Chris and Athalie Newell. Facing the camera are my cousins, Jen Windebank and Pam Worbey

Jane and Ita pass out refreshments; while Liz Hunter and Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews discuss a forthcoming project.

With my second cousin, Ann Crouch (nee Currell)


Book Launch

Preston Village Hall

21 February 2015


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