A History of Preston

in Hertfordshire

Preston People

1952 - 1985  Part Two

Butchers Lane








The Wilderness

Ivajoy aka The Willows


Little Kendals aka Holly Tree      House

Lang Cliffe



Dinsley House


Butchers Lane

Church Lane

Ivajoy aka The Willows

1959 - Ivan H and Joyce M Myall (not there in 1980)

1979 - September. Kenneth Stark

1980 - Kenneth G and Pamela A Stark. There in 1985.




1959 - Peter and Joan PA Fallowfield (joined by Adrian J Fallowfield by 1964 who was not there in 1969) Peter and Joan there in 1985.


Little Kendals aka Holly Tree House


1959 - John C and Marion Clayden (not there in 1964)

1964 - Arthur GV, Ida I, Maureen F and Valerie M Haynes (Maureen and Valerie not there in 1969; the other                   Haynes not present by 1980)

1977 - September. Anthony Charles Sands

1980 - Matthew L and Ruth M Gardiner. (There in 1985.)


Lang Cliffe (probably aka Rosehill)


1958 - September, Neville and Rose Eastman

                (At Rosehill. Not there in 1964)

1964 - Malcolm IG and Nancy I MacPherson.

                There in 1985.




1956 - William T and Ivy Major (joined by Janet by 1964)                  (Majors not there in 1969)

1967 - September. John Travis

1969 - John R and Joan Travis; joined by Kim Travis by                  1980. Not there in 1985.

1985 - Keith S and Caroline A Beschi.




1956 - Francis W, Maud and Mary R Hammond (Maud            not there in 1980; joined by Lucy Hammond by            1980. Only Francis and Mary there in 1985.)


Sligachan aka Dinsley House and Leahurst


1956 - N Farrow  and Fred H Farrow (Joined            by Charles E Farrow by 1964. Farrows            not there in 1969)

1969 - John A and Margaret S Alderson (Not

           there in 1980)

1980 - Brian J, Peter C, Simon R and Doreen            G Lapthorne. (Peter not there by 1985)



1959 - John and Margaret Wilson (Not there in 1964)

1964 - Douglas FA and Joan E Orchard (Not there in            1980)

1980 - John, James P and Nancy P Coleman-Smith.

           (All there in 1985)


Hitchin Road





Wain Wood Cottage

1954 – Philip D, Roger J, Betty E, Ann (Ann not there in 1956) and Ethel M Middleditch (joined By Derek             Middleditch in 1959; he was not there in 1964. Philip and Betty had moved to Holly Cottages by 1969)

1969 – Noreen Churchman, Anthony JH Ward and Donald W Macleary (Noreen not there in 1980; Anthony

            and Donald joined by Evelyn E Powell)

1985 - Alan Heaton, Donald W McCleary and Anthony JH Ward there in 1985.


The Cottage

1952 – Henry G Mackintosh

(Note: part of Princess Helena College)

Princess Helena College and associated homes


An annual Princess Helena College garden party

Princess Helena College


1952 - Dorothy M Athoe (Not there in 1956)

           Norah Bolingbroke (Not there in 1959)

           Lois M Bower (Not there in 1956)

           Barbara M Bunch (Not there in 1959)

           Bridget E Carrick (Not there in 1959)

           Celia M Cotes (Not there in 1954)

           Inez B Cottle (Not there in 1959)

           Gwyneth M Dolley (Not there in 1954)

           Jessie Hardy (Not there in 1954)

           Mary Hayward-Browne (Not there in 1964)

           Nancy Hood Not there in 1959)

           Edeltraut DM Insel (Not there in 1969)

           Mary E Ladle (Not there in 1956)

           Dorothy O and Ethelbert Mackintosh

           Phyllis Mary Mowle (Not there in 1954)

           Vyvyan A Prain (Not there in 1959)

           Katherine Richards (Not there in 1959)

           Mabel P West (Not there in 1959)

           Leonard and Jane E Wilkinson (Not there in 1959)

           Cynthia MG Wilton (Not there in 1964)

           Alison J Wooldridge (Not there in 1969)

1954 - Fleure O Dorey (Not there in 1980)

           Doris A Fowler (Not there in 1956)

           Doreen E Pim (Not there in 1959)

           Alice M Poole (Not there in 1964)

           Ethel L Robertson (Not there in 1956)

1956 - Sheila M Freer (Not there in 1959)

          Barbara M Gray (Not there in 1959)

          Eleanor Russell (Not there in 1959)

          Joan M Tudor-Jones (Not there in 1964)

          Helen F Wooldridge (Not there in 1964)

1959 - Sally D Bishop (Not there in 1964)

          Barbara A Bollingbroke (Not there in 1964)

          Lewis E and Evelyn M Chapman (Not there in 1964)

          Susan R Brassey-Edwards (Not there in 1964)

          Mary Gooderham (Not there in 1964)

          Joyce Morton (Not there in 1964)

          Vera M Noott (Not there in 1964)

          Jessie E Proctor (Not there in 1964)

          Sibylla G Thickness (Not there in 1964)

           Margaret J Wrigglesworth (Not there in 1964)

1964 -Charles and Irene E and Margaret Burns (Irene

                    Burns not there in 1969)

         Alice Dunn (Not there in 1969)

         Charles T and Mary Middleton (Not there in 1980)

         Hilda E Minton (Not there in 1969)

         Susan M Shannon (Not there in 1969)

         Cathleen J Stratford (Not there in 1980)

         Anne MY Williams (Not there in 1969)

         Judith O Young (Not there in 1969)



1969 - Wendy A Barnes (Not there in 1980)

           Christine R Benson (Not there in 1980)

           Ellen Goodman (Not there in 1980)

           Elizabeth Green (Not there in 1980)

           Mary Grose (Not there in 1980)

           Ethel J Mahon (Not there in 1980)

           Cathleen J Straford (Not there in 1980)

1980 -  Victoria Belcher (Not there in 1985)

           Christine T Bergin

           Elaine YY Cheung

           Donald and Anna Clarke. (There in 1985                     with Ruth Clarke.)

           Jacqueline AC Davies

           Oluyomi A Durosaro

           Jane Fitzmaurice (Not there in 1985)

           Caroline E Follington (Not there in 1985)

           Caroline Gough (Not there in 1985)

           Beverley Jackson (Not there in 1985)

           Diana J Kennett (Not there in 1985)

           Emma G MacDonald (Not there in 1985)

           Carol A MacTavish (Not there in 1985)

           Janina L Mayne (Not there in 1985)

           Nicola J McHugh (Not there in 1985)

           Nafisa E Mohamed (Not there in 1985)

           Jacqueline Mudie (Not there in 1985)

           Joanna E Norton (Not there in 1985)

           Jane M Palmer (Not there in 1985)

           San K Pang (Not there in 1985)

           Elizabeth A Pearce (Not there in 1985)

           Gladys M Piggott (Not there in 1985)

           Barbara Revell (Not there in 1985)

           Jane Richardson (Not there in 1985)

           Sara A Simmonds (Not there in 1985)

           Yewande I Sovode (Not there in 1985)

           Sarah JK Wheeler (Not there in 1985)

           Alison Wood (Not there in 1985)

           Pui S Yeong (Not there in 1985)

1985 - Caroline Chatwell   

           Alison R Cratchley

           Linda Gilmour

           Nicola Harbach

           Deborah J Hardman

           Kerry N Harte

           Emma K Hutchinson

           Emma J Lennon

           Sarah L Miles

           Sarah J Milligan

           Clare Milling

           Tina O’Neill

           Lucinda F Orr

           Honor M Quinlan

           Victoria M Reid

           Mary I Sullivan            


Temple Dinsley Lodge No 1

1954 - William and Fanny Neve

1959 - Alfred J and Gladys L Wilsher (Not there in 1964)

1964 - Leonard and Rosamund J Spencer with Paul N Hendry (All not there in 1969)

1969 - David I and Irene E Walker. (There in 1985)


Temple Dinsley Lodge No 2

1954 - Ernest J and Nellie V Smith (Nellie not there in 1959, nor Ernest in 1964)

1964 - Francis F and Thomasina Cole (not there in 1969)

1969 - Raymond and Gilian M Labdon


The Lodge

1962 - September. Stanley Leggett


Temple Dinsley Gardens aka The Boothy

1954 - Charles J and Edith M Marshall


Preston Green (including the North side of Church Lane)


Red Lion

1952 - Alfred, Kate and Audrey J Massey (Not there by 1969; moved to Cheldene, Kings Walden Road)

1954 - Arthur J Chennery (Not in 1956)

1969 - Godfrey M and Lilian King (Lilian died; Godfrey remarried Nita L King by 1980. Not there in 1985)

1984 - January. Hart


Kenwood Cottage

1952 - William C and Elizabeth Evelyn Palmer (joined by Felicity J Palmer by 1980). William and Elizabeth

           there in 1985.

Laburnum Lodge

1952 - George W and Bertha E Nash (Bertha not there by 1969) and Annie C Peters (Not there in 1980)

1969 - George W Nash (Not there by 1980)

1977 - January. George Richard Sharp

1980 - Anthony and Anne E Field with Jennifer L Relph. (Not there in 1985).

1985 - Lindsay R and Carol M Baines




The Laburnums

1952 - David FG and Elizabeth J Sadler (Moved to Drift                  Acres by 1954)

1954 - Stewart and Rosemary E McConville (Joined by J                 John S McConville by 1969; who was not in                 Preston in 1980. Stewart and Rosemary had                 moved to St Martins Field by 1980)

1980 - Richard T and Victoria A Sowerby. (There in 1985)

West Green (probably aka Wild Green in 1959)

1959 - David FG and Elizabeth J Sadler (Moved from Drift Acres. Not there in 1964)

1964 - Donald and Faith Bennion Browne (Not there in 1969)

1969 - Dennis F and Maragaret L Waller (Not there in 1980)

1980 - Hal and Catherine V Yarrow. (Both there in 1985)


Drift Acres

1954 - David F and Elizabeth Sadler. (Had moved to Wind Green by 1959 – see above)

1959 - Douglas, Eileen J and Florence J Milner. (Eileen not there in 1969)

1980 - Douglas and Florence J Milner. (Not there in 1985)

1983 - September Bradly-Russell

1985 - Michael A and Jayne Bradly-Russell.


Caravan at Drift Acres

1956 - Emlyn M and June Cooke (Had moved to The Hollies, Kings Walden Road by 1964)



1980 - Frank J and Marjorie Pugh with Louis Harris. Frank and Marjorie only there in 1985.


Fig Tree Cottage

1952 - Ernest F and Florence M Cannon

1964 - Ernest and Doris Cannon (Not there in 1969)

1969 - Frank J and Marjorie Pugh (not there in 1980 – moved to Applegarth)

1980 - Leonard C and Winifred J Payne. (Not there in 1985)

1985 - David B, Ronald B and Christine S Cull.


Caravan by Fig Tree Cottage

1969 - David Thomas (Had moved from a caravan by Red Roofs he inhabited in 1964)


Vine Cottage

1952 – Margaret E Worthington (Not there in 1964) and William Vincent and Rose Margaret Irene Stanley (William W Stanley there by 1969, but not by 1980). William V and Rose there in 1985.


Preston House

1952 – Frederick B, Charles J and Audrey W Geidt (Not there in 1980)

1980 – Malcolm G and Patricia M Blaza. (Both there in 1985)


Church Lane aka Kings Walden Road


St Martin

St Martins Place

The Old |Forge





The Hollies


St Martins House





Lychgate House






Church Lane


1980 - Peter G and Mary ML Richardson. Not there in 1985.

1985 - John C and June Baker


The Old Forge

1952 - Hugh and Sybil Whitmore (Joined by Michael J in 1964. Whitmores not there by 1969)

1954 - John A and Julia M Brangwin (There also in 1959; but not in 1969)

1969 - James F and Audrey A Adams (Not there in 1980)

1980 - Michael J and Susan Kellard. (Had moved to Kiln Wood Cottage by 1985)

1985 - Gordon MB and Mary L Nixon



1980 - Philip M, John R, Kathleen C Trost and Judith A Darking. The Trosts were there in 1985.


Lychgate House

1978 - January. Richard Blockley

1980 - Richard M and Dianne E Blockley. (Both there in 1985)



1985 - Martin JA, Damian RV, Merilyn R and Lisa D Raffell



1952 -John A Ethel M (not in 1956) and Dorothy E Raffell.

1959 - John A, Victor H and Dorothy E Raffell (joined by Martin JA Raffell by 1964; not present by 1969)

               (Joined by Peter N Raffell by 1969) (Victor Raffell not present in 1969. In 1980, John A, Victor M and

               Dorothy E Raffell present)

1985 - John and Dorothy Raffell



1967 - Built by Robert Sunderland

1980 - Colin M and Margaret Cashin. (Joined by Colin H and Helen M Cashin by 1985)


Built before 1950

Built between 1952 and 1985

Built after 1985

St Martin’s Place

1952 - Ephraim and Elizabeth Webb (Not there in 1969)

1969 - Arthur H and Dorothy Gainsford

1980 - Arthur W, Valerie S and Marie Gainsford and Walter P Steele

1985 - Walter Steele and Marie Gainsford


The New Cottage aka Netherwood today

1980 - Iris N Simonds. (There in 1985)



1969 - Alfred J and Audrey Massey

          (Not there in 1980)

1985 - David L and Joyce C Dewbery


St Martins House aka Durdhams

1959 - Alfred J and Norah M Vaughan)

1964 - Caroline AW Geidt (Not there in 1976)

1976 - September. Robert Young

1980 - Robert GM and Mary CM Young. (Joined by Richard FM Young by 1985)



1959 - Theodore and Margaret M Horrocks (Not there in 1964)

1964 - Sydney and Dorothy Humphreys (Joined by Wendy R by 1969, who was not present by 1980. Sydney

               and Dorothy there in 1985)


The Hollies

1959 - Harold A and Alma Hollingsworth (Not there in 1964)

1964 - Emlyn M and June Cooke

1969 - William H and Ethel R White

1985 - Emlyn M, June and Alasdair JM Cooke with Ethel R White


Wildwood aka No 4

1959 - Bernard J and Jean O Groom (Not there in 1964)

1963 – March William Daly

1964 - William P and  June D Daly (joined by Simon P and Susan J Daly in 1969, who were not present in

           1980. William and June only there in 1985)


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Rose Cottage

1952 - Frederick O and Eva C Blanchard (Not there in 1985)

1985 - Elizabeth Hunter

The Wilderness

1952 - Frank T and Lucy K Sunderland (Frank not there by 1959,

               nor Lucy by 1964)

1952 - David Thomas and Kathleen Davis

1964 - Thomas D and Marie E Guilbert (not there in 1969)

1969 - Ian P, Philip R and Peggy Darby (Not there in 1985)

1980 - James G and Marian G Litterick. (There in 1985)

The Chequers

1951 - Frank, Margaret and Maud Harper. (There in 1954)

1956 - Albert S and Gladys Hooper (not there in 1959)

1959 - Charles F and Lilian M Ball (not there in 1964)

1964 - Thomas B and Phyllis J Daltry (not there in 1969)

1969 - John H, Barbara J, and Susan G Cooper (not there in 1980)

1980 - Brian W and Gillian Waters. (Joined by Andrew MW, Richard B and James R Waters by 1985)

Spindle Cottage

1954 - Elsie M Smith (Not there in 1975)

1975 - September. John Charles Cook (Not there in 1980)

1980 - Isabel J Hunter. (There in 1985).