A History of Preston

in Hertfordshire


August 1904.

The fourth Anniversary of the Consecration of St. Martin’s Church was kept on Sunday, July 17, when special reference was made to it in the services.


The Rev. B. N. Switzer preached in the morning and drew attention to the changes which had taken place since the day of the consecration, July 11, 1900, even in a small place like Preston, where many homes did not contain the same people, some were dead, and some gone elsewhere to live.  People formerly unknown in the village are now well known, old ties have been severed, and new ones formed.  Officially, he said, we have the same Vicar, but the Curate has departed, and the Churchwardens are different people.  The organist is the same, but the choir has quite altered.  The congregation that assembled four years ago in St. Martin’s could not be brought together now.  Change had set its mark everywhere, especially was it seen in the churchyard, which then was empty but now contained seventeen graves.  


It is a pleasure to notice how well kept both the church and churchyard are.  A few defects have appeared in the course of the past four years in the “rough cast” or outer coating of the church.  In one or two places it has fallen away from the brick work and will need careful watching in wet and frosty weather, that repairs may be executed in time. Ivy and creepers are beginning to take off the monotony of the bare white walls, and the young trees in the churchyard have now taken firm hold of the soil.  But what is all this if the inside of the Church is not duly furnished with a good congregation?


When Mr. Switzer preached on the text “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is,” he said that he did not think that all the inhabitants of Preston had properly responded to this exhortation – some had, others had not – some had made noble efforts to be in their places on Sundays, others had made no effort at all, and it ought to be noted that God required Sunday Morning Prayers, as well as the Sunday Evening Worship.”


Thanks are due to Miss Robinson for making and presenting a set of six white book-markers for the Church.  It is a kind gift, like many others that Preston has received since its Church was begun.

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